Why consign with PoshPlum Furniture?
PoshPlum Furniture offers a superior selection of top luxury brands unlike anyone else. When you choose to consign with us, a team of design experts will market, display and feature your consignment pieces FOR YOU!

By offering a unique blend of new and consigned furniture, we have created a one-of-a-kind showroom you’ll have to see to believe. Our customers enjoy a no-pressure, high-quality, fresh, clean, customer service-driven experience.

When you shop at PoshPlum, you can see it now AND buy it now. Avoid the prices and the hassle of other furniture stores and skip the headache of waiting weeks or months to enjoy your furniture.

Bring that style home today!

What types of furniture do you consign?
High-end luxury furniture brands in like new condition.

Do you offer pick-up or delivery?
We do not offer an in-house moving company. However, each of our showroom locations can provide you with local movers who have provided excellent service for our consignors over the years.

What are the requirements for a piece to be consignment?
Consignment pieces are inspected and hand-selected by our experienced team of decorators before consignment. Merchandise is inspected for stains, odors, tears, cleanliness, and/or defects. Merchandise must be on-trend and not dated.

What will you NOT consign at the store?
At this time, we do not accept children’s furniture, bedding, glassware, or light fixtures.

What happens if I change my mind about consigning a piece at the showroom?
You are free to retrieve your consignment piece at any time during your contract term! Simply contact the showroom (in person, over the phone, by email, or through our website).

How do you determine the price of a consignment piece?
All consignment pieces are priced based on researched market value and current buying trends.

What % of the selling price is paid to the consignor?
At PoshPlum, not only will we showcase your consignment pieces in an elegantly curated showroom, we offer a 50/50 split with our consignors!

How long is a consignment contract?
PoshPlum Furniture requires consignors to sign a 90-day contract during which merchandise will be displayed on the showroom floor.

How long will you keep my consignment piece on the showroom floor before discounting the price?
PoshPlum offers merchandise for sale, exclusively at the price unilaterally determined by PoshPlum. However, an exception can be made if a consignor provides written authorization to offer the items at a different price.

If it has not sold, beginning on the 31st day and lasting up to the 60th day, PoshPlum will reduce the original listing price of a consignment piece by 10%. If it still has not sold, beginning on the 61st day and lasting up to the 90th day, PoshPlum will reduce the original listing price of a consignment piece by 20%.

What happens if my consignment piece has not sold within the 90-day contract?
If for some reason your consignment pieces do not sell within the terms of your contract, PoshPlum allows up to 5 days to retrieve any consignment pieces that have not sold. We also require our consignors to notify us at least one day before the contract expiration date, with their intention to pick up unsold items.

How do I confirm my contract expiration date?
At PoshPlum, we work hard to provide excellent service to all of our consignors AND customers! We are available on-site during the week to answer questions. We can help you over the phone, or in person or you can contact us through the website.

We do not call to remind our consignors of the contract expiration date. We do suggest all consignors confirm the contract expiration date once their merchandise is on the showroom floor and we can email you an item list with the expiration date.

Will PoshPlum let me know when my consignment items are sold?
Our consignors may contact the showroom at any time to request an item list or find out if an item has sold.

How do I get paid as a consignor?
Unlike other consignment stores, we will handle everything for you! Once a piece you have under contract with us is sold, you will receive 50% of the selling price by check mailed directly to you. Checks are mailed by the 15th of the following month that an item sells.

What happens if my contract expires and I do not retrieve my unsold consignment pieces?
Any consignment pieces left past the expiration date and for which arrangements have not been made for retrieval, become the property of PoshPlum Furniture to dispose of.

Does PoshPlum donate unsold consignment pieces once a contract expires?
After your contract agreement expires, you may request that all unsold merchandise be donated on your behalf.

We are thankful to partner with several charities in the community! Currently, we donate unsold furniture to Habitat for Humanity, St. Matthew’s House, and The American Cancer Society.

Does PoshPlum provide multiple ways to donate to charity?
YES! At PoshPlum, we allow our consignors to donate their consignment commissions to a charity of their choosing.

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